By Dr. Jennifer L. Franz

The school year has begun; many of us have children or know of children who are back in the busy school time schedule.  It is an exciting time, however, sometimes challenging with the stress of making new friends, learning new things, winning for the team, and the changing seasons ahead of us.  Developing children are usually quite active, in addition to these simple stresses to them.  When stress of any kind affects the body, our freely moving spines misalign or subluxate.  The nervous system that is housed within your spine is directly affected by even the slightest pressure put upon it.  Without proper motion, conditions develop such as learning disabilities, ADHD, asthma, stomach troubles, recurrent ear infections, visual problems, and lowered immune systems to name a few.

In a developing child, actually many of the first subluxations occur at birth.  The birthing process often puts a tremendous amount of torsion and pressure upon an infants pliable neck in order to get them out of the birth canal.  This aiding in birth puts undo stress on the infant and left untreated can cause serious deficits such as learning disabilities, visual and hearing disturbances, and ADHD.  That is why it is imperative that children be checked not only during school age but more importantly after birth.  There is no guarantee that Chiropractic can cure everything, but there is a guarantee that your nervous system functions better when there is no nervous interference to it. 

Studies have shown that children who are under regular Chiropractic care perform better in school, have better attention spans and less symptoms of ADHD, have fewer ear and eye infections, as well as have fewer if any winter colds and flu’s.  Of course, regular Chiropractic care is one part of a healthy individual, as is proper nutrition, adequate rest, and a healthy happy environment and mental attitude. My goal is to help children, as well as adults, utilize all of the aspects of optimum health and well-being so that they can develop at their full potential.  I have treated children ranging from newborn to 92 years young.  Everyone benefits from Chiropractic care, especially young developing children.  I am trained in many specific, safe, gentle, and effective techniques to best help people of all ages.  I myself being raised by a Chiropractor and adjusted since I was an infant, have been healthy my whole life, you can read my personal story here.