Gillette Family Chiropractic Center

Gillette Family Chiropractic Center

Gillette Family Chiropractic Center Offers Pain Relief And Specialized Treatment

Gillette Family Chiropractic Center has been serving the community since 1978. The office was opened in Stirling, and in 1985 Dr. Paul Franz moved to the Gillette location for more office space. Over the years Dr. Paul has helped many patients of all ages, specializing in neuromuscular techniques that often help patients when other doctors cannot, thus preventing unnecessary use of drugs or unwanted surgeries. In addition to serving the community for over three decades, he has lectured to groups of all kinds including the NJ School of Medicine & Dentistry.

In 2002, Dr. Jennifer Franz (Dr. Paul's daughter) graduated Chiropractic School and joined him in practice. She maintained practices in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania during her first ten years, and is now full-time at the Gillette office. She also specializes in women and children and has helped many patients before, during, and after pregnancies, as well as children with developmental disabilities and sports related injuries.

Chiropractic deals with the nervous system that is housed within your spine. A healthy spine has motion; when a spinal bone misaligns it can cause nerve irritation that negatively affects function before pain or symptoms appear in the body. Every function of the body is controlled by your nervous system, from muscle endurance and performance, to heart and lung function, even bowel and bladder control. Removing interference or misalignments of the spine and imbalances in the muscle system allows proper function of the nervous system, and gives the body the ability to perform at its optimum level and prevents pain and disease.

The center utilizes and combines many techniques that correct the misalignments as not all patients require the same adjustment. Patients are analyzed specifically on each visit and Applied Kinesiology (a technique that deals with muscle imbalance in the body) is utilized in addition to the traditional spinal corrections, to take the spinal adjustment “to the next level.” Nutritional analysis and counseling is also provided, and a focus on lifestyle ergonomics and exercise is often implemented.

Gillette Family Chiropractic Center is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Day and evening appointments are available. Most insurances cover chiropractic and affordable cash plans are available. A variety of health lectures are given at the office or on location by request, including those on stress, ergonomics at home and in the workplace, headaches, arthritis, and hormones just to name a few. Free consultations are available by appointment.

Gillette Family Chiropractic Center “lets our family help your family feel their best.” The center "takes traditional chiropractic care to the next level.”

Dr. Paul R. Franz  •  Dr. Jennifer L. Franz
Gillette Family Chiropractic Center
570 Mountain Avenue, Gillette, NJ 07933