By Dr. Jennifer L. Franz

During this time of year, as we are normally in consistent warm days and mild nights, we have been unexpectedly forced to deal with the cold, damp weather.  Although we have been blessed with a few spurts of warm pleasant weather, it has been inconsistent and sporadic.  Some of us, unfortunately, have been suffering from a weakened immune system.  The quick changes in body temperature, in combination with our already busy lives, have stressed our bodies, increasing cortisol secretion, and in turn, lowering our resistance to the ever present germs around us.

As in previous stress articles I have written, cortisol, the primary stress hormone is secreted when the body has increased levels of stress and has many adverse affects on the body, such as weakened immune system.  In addition to the stress level, and cortisol, changes in weather, consistent lack of sleep, increased emotional or physical stress, can all cause our naturally moving spines to misalign or subluxate. Our nervous system is housed within our spine, and governs all the functions of our bodies, including those that control our immune system, such as the spleen, thymus gland, and lymph nodes.  If  information to these glands is disrupted, it will affect the signals that are being sent to them, and in turn the output of immune boosting cells they generate.  In fact, scientific studies have found repeatedly, that immediately following a Chiropractic adjustment suppressor T cells & Killer T cells rise.  Studies also show that IgA, IgG, and IgM levels rise with 2 weeks of an adjustment.  Even B cells rose after 4 weeks of adjustments.  All these cellular levels, are the bodies natural responses to fighting infection, viruses, autoimmune disorders, and malignant pathologies, to name a few.  Some of these cellular levels are also associated with the response to the nasty symptoms of allergies, as my previous article spoke about as well.

So what can you do to boost your immune system?  You can obviously go see a Chiropractor, who will specifically find and remove your subluxations.  While you are living under continuous stress, staying free of subluxations, allows your immune system to function at its highest level.  You can get plenty of rest, during REM sleep, your deepest level of sleep, your body tissues and cells repair the most.  You can also exercise regularly 20-30 minutes to combat stress, as well as eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and fruits.  There are plenty of natural supplements that you can take that boost your immune system as well.