Gillette Family Chiropractic Center

Patient Testimonials for Dr. Jennifer L. Franz


Most of my life I have enjoyed good health and to some degree took care of myself. I am 54 years old and I have always liked to be outdoors, exercise and generally live an active lifestyle. I have lived with the little aches and pains that go along with this lifestyle by "toughing" them out. During this time, I never thought how things arranged inside of me could affect my general comfort. I have always been overweight; in the past 20 years I have been dieting and exercising regularly to achieve my desired weight.

After meeting Dr. Franz at the YMCA during a spinal screening, I learned that I needed some treatment to correct some conditions that were causing discomfort in my lower back and hips. After two and one half months of adjustments, I have noticed a large degree of improvement in my flexibility, strength, and comfort in my everyday living. I find that my muscles are not often tight. I look forward to continued improvement.


For approximately 20 years, I had a numbness area about 4"x7" on my right thigh; after only 3 weeks of treatments by Dr. Franzís skillful hands, I noticed the numbness had noticeably subsided. I now have normal feeling there, so I know Chiropractic has been very effective for me.

When I brought this same problem to 2 other Medical Doctors, they said they did not or could not treat it, as did Dr. Franz who effectively helped me and told me of the nerve/spine relationship to the area. I was a former Chiropractic "skeptic", but I am not any longer. I am also feeling more flexible and energetic. My lower back is also less painful and more mobile. I am 76 years old. I am a better feeling man thanks to Dr. Franz.


I had severe pain and limited range of motion with my shoulder and neck for several years. I also had severe pain in my upper back and hips. I have tried a few Chiropractors in the area over the last 10 years, without any success. All I received during those office visits were heat packs, electric stimulus, or a quick neck crack. I was usually back out of the office in 10 minutes. None of them took any x-rays or gave me an examination to determine what/where my problems were, and identify a specific course of action.

Dr. Franz started me with x-rays and examination and clearly identified an adjustment rehab plan to address and eliminate the pain and limited range of motion. Within the first week, my condition improved dramatically. I no longer felt like I was walking around with a dislocated shoulder and sharp pains in my back/hip. Each visit is long enough to loosen my back, and then make all the necessary adjustments to continually improve my condition. I have been with Dr. Franz since fall of 2002, and have never stayed with any other Chiropractor as long.