By Dr. Jennifer L. Franz

What is wellness?  Wellness means something different to everyone.  In order to achieve wellness we must first identify what wellness looks like, feels like, sounds like, and tastes like to us.  Everyone has different ideals and needs.  Wellness looks different to an 8 year old than it does to an 80-year-old.   To a healthy athlete, wellness would probably feel different than how it would feel to someone who is critically ill.  The first step to optimum wellness is realizing and understanding what it means to you.  By knowing your own wellness picture, you can realistically set goals and have a plan for achieving your own optimum wellness.

A plan to optimal wellness has many facets.  There are many aspects of our wellness ideals that all together make up our individual picture of optimal wellness.  To every person, these aspects are different, and are in different magnitude and quantity given their condition in place and time.  To be optimally healthy, rather than to just be well, means to have these particular aspects of health set in place by having realistic goals and following them daily.  These aspects of health are sometimes known as keys, keys of health.  Like physical keys, that open doors, the keys of health unlock and unleash different aspects of optimum health. 

Certain keys unlock many doors to health, like the Chiropractic key, that balances the many essential functions of your body.  Chiropractic is the key that we at Gillette Family specialize in.  This particular key is so imperative to optimum wellness, because it directly affects the function of your nervous system.  Your nervous system, contained within your spine, not only controls your muscular function, but also functions such as your visual acuity, heart rate, kidney function, and hormonal balance, to name a few.  Chiropractors are trained to help your nervous system regain balance through specific spinal adjustments.  Adjustments are safe, gentle, and specific in direction and case.  As with our individual pictures of optimal wellness, an infant would not be adjusted the same way their parent or grandparent would. Through a series of specific adjustments, Chiropractors can free the information that is often blocked or disrupted, and allow it to properly perform its essential function without the use of drugs or surgery. 

It is most important, however, that you realize that Chiropractic, although opens many doors to optimum health through balance of your nervous system, is one of many other essential keys.  To truly achieve your optimal wellness picture, it is imperative that you follow other keys of health in your daily life.  Some of these other keys include proper nutrition, adequate rest, and a positive mental attitude.  These keys as well, are specific to the individual, as is Chiropractic at Gillette Family. 

Achieving optimal wellness is a process of realistic goal setting, and self-discovery individual to the person.   Optimal wellness is a choice, you can be healthy or you can be optimally healthy.  The first step in choosing and achieving optimal wellness is realizing your own goals and making a decision to follow your plan.  The second step is to go see your Chiropractor to make sure your nervous system is functioning properly, and stays that way.  Your Chiropractor can play a critical role in guiding you in your own process of achieving individual optimal wellness.

We at Gillette Family Chiropractic Center are committed to helping our patients achieve optimum wellness one individual at a time.  Allow our family to help your family.